2023 information

School Structure for 2023

For further information about Composite Classes please click HERE

2023 Annual Plan

2023 Stationery 

Stationery packs can be purchased online from Qizzle (not OfficeMax as previous years) and are delivered to your home. Qizzle does not have any retail shops. Packs are set for each Year level as specified on https://schoolpacks.co.nz/. Search for Hingaia Peninsula School, enter your child’s name and choose the team/year level, then select the stationery items you require. If your child is a new entrant, select the Year 0/1 list.

Please note: all of the stationery on the list will be required at school, but some items are do not need to be purchased brand new. You may have some items (headphones and book bag) from the previous year, you are welcome to reuse these.

Please make sure that your child has the necessary stationery at school, particularly high use items such as pencils, black pens and exercise books. It would be much appreciated if you could assist us in ensuring that all stationery items are named clearly and are at school ready for use in Week 3.

2023 Stationery lists are now available for order from Qizzle - LINK HERE 

or you can source the stationery items elsewhere:

HPS  2023 Stationery Lists:

         Year 1                 Year 2&3                Year 4&5       

  Year 6                     Year 7 & 8

We are a BYOD school, so we encourage students bringing their own device - either an iPad in Year 2-3 or a Chromebook or Mac book in Year 4-8.  See our BYOD page for further information.

School Uniform

All uniform items are in store for purchase at The Uniform Shoppe - Wood Street Papakura.  

We do have some secondhand items available - please pop into the School office to view our current stock.