Belonging at HPS

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  • All students are expected to attend school every day the school is open for instruction

  • Any absence of a student from the school must be with the consent of parents/caregivers

  • The school must be notified of all absences:

    • email

    • use the absent button on the school app

  • All students arriving late must sign in at the office

  • Any student leaving school during school hours must be signed out at the office by an adult

  • All unexplained absences will be followed up

After School Care Programme

  • Counties Kidz run an After School Care Programme and Holiday Programme in our school hall

  • Please contact them on


  • Assemblies are held every 2 weeks on Friday afternoon from 2pm

  • Each studio will present throughout the year

  • Assembly schedules are shared each term in our newsletters and term overview

  • Parents are welcome to attend assemblies


  • We have high expectations of behaviour at HPS

  • We use a restorative practice approach to resolving behavioural concerns

  • Parents will be informed when behaviour concerns are of a serious nature


  • The carpark is for staff only

  • Parents can access the driveway to pick up students during school hours

Change of Details

  • Please ensure the school has your up to date details

  • Alternate emergency contacts are also required

  • These details are used to communicate with you and in the case of an emergency

  • Please update your details by emailing


  • Each term our students choose a charity to support

  • A fundraising activity and mufti day will be held for each charity throughout the year

  • In Term 4 of each year our school collects each week for Auckland City Mission and student bring a specified item in exchange for wearing mufti


  • Our school charter is available to view on our website

Dental Care

  • HPS students attend the dental clinic at 56 Beach Road, Papakura

  • Parents can contact the dental clinic via phone or email


  • We have a range of devices for students to use for learning

  • Chromebooks and iPads are available in each studio

  • Students can use their own device for learning

  • Responsible Use Agreements are required prior to students using a device for learning

  • Our school learning network is managed by N4L


  • HPS staff hold a disco for school students once or twice per term

  • Discos are able to be booked via the school shop

  • Children must be delivered and collected from the hall by an adult

Enrolment Procedure

  • Please contact for enrolment information

  • Please see the ‘enrol with us’ page of our website for up to date information on cohort entry dates, tours etc

  • All pre-enrolled new entrants will be offered two school visits

EOTC - Education Outside the Classroom

  • Parent permission is required for children leaving the school

  • Parent help with transport is essential on most visits and is greatly appreciated


  • Each year our senior students share their inquiry learning through Exhibition

  • This event is a important component of our PYP programme

  • This is an afternoon and evening event

  • All Year 7/8 students share their learning at this event

First Aid

  • Any student who has an accident or is ill is seen by a First Aid trained staff member

  • Sick Bay is located at the front office

  • All incidences are recorded in the sick bay log

  • Parents are contacted for all serious incidents

Food at School

  • There is a strict NO FOOD SHARING policy at HPS

  • No food to be brought to school to be shared - this protects our students with allergies

  • Studio events with food sharing are carefully planned by teachers and parents will be informed of any food being consumed at school

  • Students with severe allergies are monitored while eating

  • Students are educated on the dangers of sharing food

  • Please send your child with a healthy lunch - no sweets or juice are allowed thank you

  • Please ensure your child has a named water bottle

  • Sushi is available to order each Friday through the school shop


  • Our school receives government funds to run the school

  • To provide additional experiences, resources and opportunities, the Board of Trustees requires locally raised funds

  • Locally raised funds are made up of fundraising and voluntary parent donations

  • Parent support for this is appreciated


  • We have a number of health professionals attend to students over the year with parental consent

    • Vision and Hearing checks

    • Immunisation

Home Learning

  • Students will bring home a range of learning to engage with at home

  • This home learning is specific to the age, stage and learning needs of your child

  • Reading at home is the most important component of home learning

Jewellery and Valuables

  • Jewellery can be worn for cultural reasons

  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum

  • The school is not responsible in the case of any loss of jewellery or valuables

Kāhui Whetū | Constellation

  • Each student is a member of a Kāhui Whetū | Constellation group

  • Families are in the same Kāhui Whetū | Constellation group

  • The purpose of Kāhui Whetū | Constellation groups are to provide school wide tuakana/ teina roles, a sense of belonging and leadership opportunities

Autahi Canopus GREEN

Māhutonga Southern Cross YELLOW

Matariki Pleiades RED

Ranginui Beta Centauri BLUE

Rehua Antares WHITE

Takurua Sirius GREY/SILVER

Tautoru Orion's belt ORANGE

Uruao Alpha Centauri PURPLE


  • Each Kāhui Whetū | Constellation has two senior students who are nominated as Kaitiaiki

  • Kaitiaki are given responsibility and support the staff and students in their Kāhui Whetū | Constellation activities

Learning Times

  • Studios are open for students at 8.15am

  • Learning begins at 8.45am

  • Students need to be at school on time to be settled and ready for learning

  • Teachers have limited availability to meet with parents before school as they have a responsibility to supervise and engage with their students

  • Teachers are available to meet with parents by making an appointment time for after school, please email the studio to make an appointment

  • Students are supervised from 8.15am to 3.15pm


  • Each whānau visits the library regularly to learn library and research skills as well as to choose library books to take home

  • Please look after our library books and ensure they are returned to school on time

Lost Property

  • Lost property is located in the courtyard outside the office

  • Lost property is regularly sorted and named uniform returned to students


  • All medication must be taken to the office and parents must complete the appropriate form

  • Office staff are responsible for administering medication

Mini Expo

  • Each term our students share their inquiry learning at the studio Mini Expo

  • This is an afternoon event

  • All students share their learning at this event


  • Our school operates a cashless system as much as possible

  • Any money that needs to be brought to school must be in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name, studio, the amount and what it is for.


  • Tikaranga - weaving the right path

  • Our motto was gifted to us by local iwi before our school opened in 2012

  • More information can be found on the Tikaranga page of our website

  • At HPS we live by our school motto - Tikaranga - weaving the right path

  • Our school rule is to ‘do the right thing’

New Entrant Students

  • New Entrant children are invited to attend two morning classes before starting school

  • Parents are invited to learn about “Belonging at School” and “Learning at School” while their children go to the studio with their teacher


  • Newsletters are shared with parents every second week via email, school app and on our website

Out of Bounds

  • Out of bounds areas include the driveway and car park and areas behind studio 2 and 4

  • Teachers are on duty and students are aware of these out of bounds areas

Papaka Road

  • Papaka Road can be congested at times

  • We have teachers on duty to ensure our students are safe

  • We continue to liaise with Auckland Transport and police to ensure we are following best practice

Parent Involvement

  • Parents involvement in many aspects of school is valued

  • Parents may become involved in any of the following ways:

    • Providing materials for school use

    • Assisting with specialised learning activities

    • Talking with groups of children about interests

    • Maoritanga, culture, etc.

    • Library assistance, e.g. repairing books.

    • Helping with supervision and providing transport on school outings

    • Serving as a Trustee

    • Typing children’s stories

    • Resource Making

  • Please contact the office if you can help in any way

Parent/Teacher Contact

  • Parents are welcome to contact the school to discuss problems that may arise

  • Please email the studio for an appointment with an outline of your concern and some suitable times to meet

  • Our complaint’s policy is available on our SchoolDocs website

PE and Sports Days

  • Senior students should wear their green sports shirt for PE and sports

  • Junior students can bring a change of clothes for PE and will often be asked to wear Kāhui Whetū | Constellation colours


  • Playground activities include:

    • painted courtyard games

    • large wooden games

    • handball

    • swingball

    • football

    • basketball/netball

    • playground structure

    • sandpit

  • Impact material has been placed under our adventure playground for student safety

  • Students are rostered to use the adventure playground to prevent overcrowding

  • Teachers are on duty to ensure children use these structures appropriately

Reading at Home

  • Reading to your child at home is an important support for their learning at school

  • Read books that are familiar and that your child enjoys

  • Speak to them about the story, characters, values etc

  • Read and discuss the story in your own language

School Camps

  • Our Year 5-8 students are invited to attend adventure camp at Lakewood Lodge in early December each year

  • Sports Camp may be available for Year 7/8 students

School-wide Events

  • Studio Talks - Term 1

  • Cross country - Term 3

  • Athletics - Term 4

  • Whanake Hingaia - Term 4

Specialist Classes

  • Our specialist classes for 2020 are:

    • Digital Fluency

    • Tikaranga

  • All students take part in learning digital technology and te reo and tikanga


  • Stationery can be purchased through Office Max - please see our website for links

  • Students who begin throughout the year should bring stationery from their previous school and parents will be informed if additional is required

  • New Entrant students who begin throughout the year may not require the full stationery list and this will be advised

Studio Organisation

  • HPS is a full primary and caters for students from Y0 to Y8 in six learning studios

  • Each studio is slightly bigger than three classroom spaces and caters for up to 90 students

  • Each studio is named after a tree

    • Harakeke for Year 0/1

    • Kōwhai for Year 2

    • Pōhutukawa for Year 3/4

    • Tītoki for Year 3/4

    • Tōtara for Year 5/6

    • Kauri for Year 7/8

Sun Protection

  • Sunhats are required for all students in Term 1 and Term 4

  • All students eat in a shaded area of the school

  • Any student without a hat is required to play in the shade


  • Sushi is available to order for your child each Friday

  • Sushi can be booked via the school shop


  • Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school

  • The school is not responsible for any toys brought to school


  • Our uniform is gender neutral and students may mix and match the components

  • All students should wear the school uniform

  • Uniform can be purchased through Argyle - please see our website for links

Walking School Bus

  • We currently operate two Walking School Bus routes after school

  • Our RED WSB goes to Breton Park

  • Our BLUE WSB goes to Hinau Park

  • Please contact the office if you would like to book your child on the WSB

Whanake Hingaia

  • Whanake Hingaia is our annual celebration of learning

  • This is an early evening event in late November

  • All students share their learning at this event


  • Students are allowed to ride their wheels to school with parent permission

  • Helmets are compulsory

  • The police recommend that no child under the age of ten should cycle to school unless accompanied by an adult.


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