studio design

The design of Hingaia Peninsula School is based on the concept of learning studios. A studio is traditionally a place where people gathered to achieve mastery and growth in a particular discipline. The concept that mastery of the elements will lead to creative minds innovating and experimenting to achieve growth across the curriculum has driven our vision for these spaces to be collaborative, creative and agile.

The studios are multi functional spaces with nooks that cater for a variety of different learning styles. These nooks are purposefully designed to meet a range of learning needs; collaborative, individual, creative and kinestehtic. Children will have the opportunity to work creatively, both individually and in groups, and to personalise their learning space to suit their needs.

Each learning studio is approx 290 square metres with five 'nooks' surrounding a central teaching space. These 'nooks' are used by students for different types of learning and creating.

Within each studio we have up to four Whanau Groups. These groups consist of a teacher and a group of students ranging in age from within the studio. Whanau groups ensure that the academic, pastoral and social needs of each child are met and provide a smaller group of students to belong to within the larger studio group. Students learn in a variety of smaller learning groups; ability, whanau, interest and student choice throughout the week. Learning is personalised for each child and children are developing their next learning steps across the curriculum.

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