Board of Trustees

Our current Board of Trustees (BoT) took office in August 2022 and will serve until the next board of trustees elections in 20225.

Our board members are:

  • Dr Karine Fox – Presiding Member (Chairperson)

  • Carly Kidd – Principal

  • Daryl Hamilton

  • Anna Holmes

  • Jon Ives

  • Debra Michaelides - Staff Elected

  • Pam Riordan - Secretary

Our meetings are open to visitors and if you would like to attend to observe please contact our board Chairperson - Karine

Details of our meeting dates and times are on our school website under 'School calendar'.

Should you wish to speak at a board meeting, please contact our chairperson at to discuss this.

If you wish to read our BoT minutes, there is a copy available in our school office.

**We are awaiting our audit statements for 2021 from William Buck Auditors

2020 Audited Finance Statement

Carly Kidd


Karine Fox (Ph.D)

Presiding Member

Debra Michaelides

Staff Elected Representative



Kia ora, my name is Karine. Amongst many pets, my husband Jason and I are the proud parents of a daughter currently in Year 4 at Hingaia Peninsula School. This is my first term as the Chair of Hingaia Peninsula School Board, and I was previously privileged to be voted in to the Board in May 2022 as a parent representative. I’ve joined the Board as I feel committed to play my part in helping our children grow as future leaders of Aotearoa. I consider our children’s time at school essential to their development as individuals, and my governance, leadership and corporate affairs expertise can further support the value the Principal and Board brings to our school and our community. You’ll often see me around the school and I am looking forward to getting to know you more.


Kia ora, my name is Debra Michaelides and this is my first year teaching at HPS. I am the staff elected representative on the BoT. I currently teach in Harakeke Studio with our Year 1 learners. I have been teaching for over 20 years now and I am passionate about giving every child the best start to school. Outside of school my two teenagers - Isabella and James, keep me on my toes.

Jon Ives

Parent Elected

Anna Holmes

Parent Elected

Daryl Hamilton

Parent Elected


Hi, I'm Jon Ives, a second term parent representative for HPS on the Board. I have had an association with the school since 2017 with two children currently attending. I trained as a primary teacher and taught at both New Zealand and International Schools in the early 2000s. I have since changed my professional journey to Human Resources and Business Management, specifically within the recruitment sector. I am currently a business owner and the CEO for a national chain of agencies, but locally based in the Karaka area. I am also the current Chair of the New Zealand Industry Council for the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association of New Zealand and Australia.


I am a proud parent of two HPS students. With my son in his last year and my daughter having started school this year, I have a vested interest in the direction of Hingaia Peninsula School. I have been involved in the wellbeing of the school and its community for six years and I am part of the FoHPS committee. I see the school moving down an exciting road and am keen to be part of the driving force behind that. This is why I have decided to embrace the opportunity to join the school board and nominate myself. My my main goals for the school are:

• To see kids given every opportunity to succeed in their own way;

• For HPS to be an employer of choice with a happy, engaged and complete staff team; and

• For the school to strengthen ties with the wider school community.


I’ve been associated with the school as a parent since 2015, with three children who are currently attending or have recently attended the school. As an elected parent representative my motivation is to see the school realise its full potential in improving children’s learning to produce successful students as they move onto further education, and to bring the community together as a centre of social engagement, understanding of each other and share our diverse knowledge and experience to improve our learning environment. I have been in Karaka for 10 years and have seen both the location and school grow immensely over these years to become a diverse, friendly and successful part of Auckland. My professional background is in Information Technology with the past 20 years in Programme/Project Management, bringing my management, organisation skills and financial management capabilities to our board of trustees.