Our people

our staff

Acting Principal Kathryn Whelan

Executive Officer Nadine Stalker

Deputy Principal Kathryn Whelan

Associate Principals Pam Riordan Andre van Schalkwyk

Harakeke - Year 0/1 Alex Lotthe Georgina Hamilton

Shirlyn Kumar Olivia Hunger

Kōwhai - Year 1/2 Skye Kim Georgia Muir Jennie Grierson

Pōhutukawa - Year 3/4 Amy Pye Rochelle Bezuidenhout

Tītoki - Year 3/4 Tanithe Hall Paige Jarvie

Tōtara - Year 5/6 Jessica Oakley Rebecca Alize-Minty Taryn Naidoo

Kauri - Year 7/8 Pam Riordan Andre van Schalkwyk

Specialist Teachers Bex Remington Deborah Solomon

Administration Assistant Jill Kozyniak

Support Staff Bronwen Tollan Eliana Tudreu Pauline Raine

Groundsperson Dave Hibberd

2020 staff list - bitmoji.pdf

our board

Our current board was elected by our parent community in July 2019 and will serve until the next board of trustees elections in 2022.

Our board members are:

  • Nayan Makan - chairperson

  • Taryn Naidoo

  • Simon Mowday

  • Rachel Johnson

  • Jon Ives

  • Kimiora McKenzie-Downey

Our meetings are open to visitors and if you would like to attend to observe please contact our board secretary Nadine at nadine@hp.school.nz

Should you wish to speak at a board meeting please contact our chairperson at bot-nayan@hp.school.nz to discuss this.