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Enrol online here: HERO Enrolment form

School Zone

Our home zone is all of the Hingaia peninsula, west of the southern motorway, east of Drury Creek and north of Park Estate Road. Park Estate Road and any no exit side roads are excluded. Students must live in our school Zone for at least one year to retain their enrolment at our school.

Out of Zone

The Board of Trustees of Hingaia Peninsula School will determined if there will be any places available for out of zone students. Currently - we are not taking any Out of Zone enrolments, due to the expected roll growth in our School Zone.


Contact us via - enrol@hp.school.nz

If you have any questions or challenges with completing your online enrolment please get in contact with Jill - our Office Manager.

New Entrant School Visits - Unable to go ahead during RED

Pre-enrolled new entrant students are invited to visit in the term before they start school. Please make sure you have met with Jill to finalise all the required enrolment paperwork.

FIRST VISIT 8:30-10:30am:

On the day of your first school visit, please come to the office at 8:30am and we will take you and your child down to Harakeke studio to meet the teachers. Once your child is settled, you can head off for a coffee or to get on with your morning, you can pop back to pick up your child at 10:30am.

SECOND VISIT 8:30-12:30pm

For your child's second visit - you will again meet in the office at 8:30am and again will be taken down to Harakeke. For this visit your child will stay at school until 12:30pm, so that they can experience a break time and get a better sense of how the school day runs. They will need to have their lunchbox and a water bottle. Parents are required to come back at 12:15pm and will meet with a member of the leadership team to discuss using HERO, uniform and to answer any of your questions, while the students finish their visit in Harakeke studio.

Starting School @ HPS Booklet

Need before school and/or afterschool care for your child/ren?

We are fortunate to have on site providers: Counties Kidz - OSCAR approved

Contact:: 0212132301 - Email: countieskidz@gmail.com