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Cohort Entry @HPS

The Education Review Office (ERO) has some valuable information for parents about cohort entry on the website.  To find out more, visit:  ERO's website page:  A guide for parents sending their child to a cohort entry school.

Background Information:

Traditionally, children in Aotearoa (New Zealand) start school on their fifth birthday or any day after that. Recent changes to the Education Act mean schools can adopt cohort entry: enrolling children in groups on specific days across the year. Schools are choosing cohort entry to support positive transitions, well-being, and learning.

From 1 January 2020, changes made to the Act (through the Education Amendment Act 2019) took effect so that:

The benefits of Cohort Entry:

Learning Through Play

At Hingaia Peninsula School we want learning to be fun and inspiring for our students, to develop a love for coming to school and for learning. Learning Through Play helps with the transition from Early Childhood Centres, and particularly supports those children who are still developing their readiness for a more formal school setting. Learning Through Play works on foundation skills, oral language, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, self belief and independence. This approach weaves in seamlessly with the NZ curriculum, and aligns with our school vision and values. Children can explore and play both indoors and outside the studio with many opportunities to make connections with children in the main studio space. More information about this can be found in our 'Starting School @HPS' booklet.

 Transition to school options...

Pre-enrolled new entrant students are invited to visit in the term before they start school. Please make sure you have met with Jill to finalise all the required enrolment paperwork. 

FIRST VISIT 8:30-10:30am:

On the day of your first school visit, please come to the office at 8:30am and we will take you and your child down to Harakeke studio to meet the teachers. Once your child is settled, you can head off for a coffee or to get on with your morning, you can pop back to pick up your child at 10:30am.  

SECOND VISIT 8:30-12:30pm

For your child's second visit - you will again meet in the office at 8:30am and again will be taken down to Harakeke. For this visit your child will stay at school until 12:30pm, so that they can experience a break time and get a better sense of how the school day runs. They will need to have their lunchbox and a water bottle. Parents are required to come back at 12:15pm and will meet with a member of the leadership team to discuss using HERO, uniform and to answer any of your questions, while the students finish their visit in Harakeke studio.

Starting School @ HPS Booklet

School Uniform:

Our Uniform is supplied by The Uniform Shoppe in Papakura. They have our full range of uniform.

Our uniform has a range of items that students can select from - for example girls can choose to wear a skort or shorts or cargo pants, we have Blue and Black school t-shirts and the option of a school polo shirt. We intend to add further items such as a long sleeve t-shirt and a sweatshirt (in the near future) to our uniform so that all students needs are catered for.

School Uniform Expectations:

At HPS we expect all of our students to wear our school uniform correctly and with pride, at all times.

This includes:

PLAIN BLACK shoes worn with PLAIN BLACK or PLAIN WHITE socks for Term 2 and 3 and of course plain black sandals for Term 1 and 4.

School hats are to be worn all of Term 1 and 4. They are not required in Term 2 or 3, please keep these in a safe place at home so that they are ready when they are needed.

Please ensure that any hair accessories (hair-ties, clips, headbands etc) are only in the school colours of blue, green, black or white or of course, your child’s natural hair colour is fine too. 

Any hair that reaches the shoulders or hangs in front of the face, must be tied back.

No makeup or nail polish should be worn at school.

Jewellery should be limited to stud earrings, wristwatches and items worn for cultural/religious reasons.

Our Senior Students in Year 4-8 also need to ensure they have their PE gear in their bags for their allocated PE and Sports days (PE days will be communicated to you in your Termly Studio Newsletter). Please ensure that all items of school uniform are clearly named, so that they can be easily returned. 

We do have some second hand uniform available - our Head Students run this, so please keep an eye out for their 'Shop' days in the Hero communication.  If you have purchased pre-owned uniform, please put a line through any other names and re-name these items for your own child.

Need before school and/or afterschool care for your child/ren?

We are fortunate to have on site providers: Counties Kidz - OSCAR approved

Contact:: 0212132301 - Email: countieskidz@gmail.com 

School Zone

Our home zone is all of the Hingaia peninsula, west of the southern motorway, east of Drury Creek and north of Park Estate Road. Park Estate Road and any no exit side roads are excluded. Students must live in our school Zone for at least one year to retain their enrolment at our school.

Out of Zone

The Board of Trustees of Hingaia Peninsula School will determined if there will be any places available for out of zone students. Currently - we are not taking any Out of Zone enrolments, due to the expected roll growth in our School Zone.


Contact us via - enrol@hp.school.nz 

If you have any questions or challenges with completing your online enrolment please get in contact with Jill  - our Office Manager.