Learning at HPS


The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) is a clear statement of what we deem important in education in NZ. It takes as its starting point a vision of our young people as lifelong learners who are confident and creative, connected, and actively involved. It includes a clear set of principles on which to base curriculum decision making. It sets out values that are to be encouraged, modelled, and explored. It defines five key competencies that are critical to sustained learning and effective participation in society and that underline the emphasis on lifelong learning.

At HPS we aim to implement all aspects of the NZC through creating exciting, authentic and integrated programmes of learning for all of our students. Within each studio the learning is designed in a way that meets the interests and needs of the individuals within it. All students have the opportunity to learn Te reo and tikanga Maori to develop their understandings of Te Ao Maori.

Digital Learning is an authentic component of our learning and students learn to use digital tools appropriately to enable them to create and connect. All students at HPS have the opportunity to learn within a digital learning environment. This scaffolded developmental approach means that students in senior years are confident and competent when using devices purposefully for their learning. They are able to use a variety of devices to engage on a global level and apply their skills across the curriculum. Digital Learning is more than devices - it is the ability to authentically engage in global learning.

The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) is the guiding document for teaching and learning in all NZ schools. It sets the direction for student learning and provides guidance for all schools as they design and review their curriculum. See the diagram below for further details.