Supporting your child's Maths learning

Maths at home

Welcome to our Maths Page. It is in the initial stages and will be updated and improved. It is a place where you can find information and resources, as well as other websites to support your child at home with basic facts, number knowledge and strand concepts.

As well as developing strong home-school partnerships to support our students learning, we are also dedicated to providing support and practical strategies that support you as parents and whānau. As whānau, you play a big part in your child's learning every day.

You can support and build on what they learn at school through the conversations you have about their learning and showing them how you use maths in your everyday activities, like comparing the cost of products at the supermarket, timetables for the bus, movies, etc. Help your child(ren) to notice that maths is all around us and it is a big part of our world! By allowing for this discussion to take place your child(ren) will see that maths has great value.

The Maths NZ website provides a wealth of information for how you can help.

Click here for a link to NZ Maths website.

Students should practise their basic facts at home, to support what they are learning in class. Current research shows us that the students who achieve the most success in Maths are those who know basic facts automatically.

All of our Year 1-8 students currently have Mathletics accounts. Your child can access their account at home to continue their learning. Mathletics is the perfect tool for supplementing your child's Maths education at home. It's ideal for both helping them overcome their weaker topics while also building on their strengths - and all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

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