What is ESOL?

English for Speakers of Other Languages — English taught to people whose first language isn't English, but who live in an English-speaking country and need English to communicate in daily life.

Our school has students from migrant and refugee families. These students often need extra help in learning English to the level they need for their education. MoE provide ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) funding so we can offer extra English language learning support for eligible students who are learning English as a second language.

Who can access ESOL support?

Before applying for funding we need to complete a record of progress and matrices for each current migrant, former refugee or New Zealand-born English language learner at our school.

For migrant students, we need to record evidence of their date of entry to New Zealand.

For former refugee students, we need proof of their refugee status.

For New Zealand-born students we must have evidence that at least one parent is an immigrant or former refugee.

We can apply for funding twice each year and this funding is based on the evidence we provide to MoE.

Each school must update each ESOL funded student’s record of progress every 6 months.

The following students cannot access ESOL funding:

  • International fee paying students.

  • New Zealand-born students who have had 4 years in a New Zealand school.

  • Year 0/1 New Zealand-born students aren't eligible for ESOL funding until they've completed at least 2 terms at school.

  • Students whose first language is identified as English or te reo Māori.

How do you support ESOL learners at HPS?

Our ESOL learners are supported through in class and withdrawal support. This support is dependant on specific individual needs and will vary throughout your child's time at school.

All of our teachers receive in-school professional learning in strategies to support ESOL learners. All of our Team Leaders receive specialist professional learning in strategies to support ESOL learners.

This support can be:

  • Specialist withdrawal classes of Baseline English (developed by Dr Jannie Van Hees)

  • Quick 60 with our ESOL Learning Assistant

  • Adaptive lessons or resources within studio

  • Personalised tools for learning