Year 7/8 Programme

We all know that the world is rapidly changing and the careers/jobs that our children will be employed in, in the future may not even be created yet, how do we prepare them for this uncertain and unpredictable future? Developing a future focused, innovative programme to support our Year 7 & 8 students to experience a range of areas of learning and have opportunities to work with experts in different fields is our priority at HPS. This will give them a broad overview and hopefully uncover any unknown passions and untapped talents that they can take further in their future.

We also believe that in a full primary setting our Year 7 & 8 students have the nurturing, supportive environment with teachers and peers they know well and trust, so stepping out of their comfort zone and taking risks in their learning is more likely to occur. To prepare them for their futures we need to focus on developing their dispositions and the desired attributes identified through the research from around the world as the key attributes for success in the job market of the future.

HPS - Year 7/8 Programme design